Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching Up!

So I guess I should start off with where I really left off, prior to Alley’s bath…just in case you were wondering she will be getting another bath this Saturday! I will be sure to take more wet cat pics when we do that this weekend! Oh how I love wet cat pictures!

Ok so I really have been knitting. Not as much as I would like but some knitting is going on. First up is a blue and grey prayer shawl done for a friend of mine at church.

She is going to be really surprised! I can’t wait to give it to her, hopefully i will get to on Sunday. This shawl is done horizontally, changing yarns every row as to create the fringe as you go. I really like doing these, and because you have to get so many yarns there is almost always enough for 2 shawls with the leftovers. So that is really nice.

Next is a turquoise shawl made for one of the girls at Happening (a youth event that I am heavily involved in).

She loved it! I did a repeating pattern of nine rows of grater then a 2 row drop stitch pattern. It turned out really pretty. It is made from JoAnn’s Angel Hair Yarn. I freaking love that yarn. It makes the most wonderful soft fabric. It is a pleasure to work with.

Here are the kids that got prayer shawls at Happening.

I made two of them (the orange one and the turquoise one) and my speed knitter at my church made the red one and the blue, green, brown, an grey one! What a bunch of silly kids. They did just love them. I am not sure I saw them without them much! It is so nice when hand knitted items are appreciated.

So much for FOs. That is it so far. I have a couple of things on the needles though. I have another prayer shawl in the needles. It is yellow with an orangey pink ruffle border. I can’t wait for this one to be over! I don’t know why it is dragging me down so much. I feel like I need a challenge right now, so last night I started a baby cardigan. This will be my first garment! I am really excited about it! I hope I can do it! I will post progress pics when there is something more to look at!

During the time that I haven’t been posting, I have been on a road trip with Tara over at Learning from Chavah. She has been making sock knitting bags for a local yarn store whose owner just fell in love with them. The first 6 she made out of Amy Butler fabric which was beautiful but very expensive. This next 6, she wanted to do something different, something you can’t get in town. So a road trip was born! We hit the road about 8:30am and headed north

to Paducah, Kentucky, Home of Hancock’s of Paducah.

This is a famous fabric store mostly for its extensive selection. We spent 3 hours in there! And barely made it past the remnants table!

Since they do so much online selling they are constantly turning over fabric. It was so fun to go through those tables and tables of remnants. Tara picked out a bunch of fabric for her bags and at $4.98yd, she got quite a deal!

I found a couple of things.

I picked out 2 fabrics for sock bags that she is going to make for me, fabric for an apron for dad, and enough to make 2 pillowcases for Happening.

And here are the sock bags that she made for me!

Aren’t they great?!?! She did a great job! These very similar bags are on sale for $22 at Angel Hair Yarn Store. Go get one! Look they are theoretically reversible if you don’t mind the pockets on the outside. She even puts a specific place for your crochet hook! So clever! I already have my little sweater project in the larger one!

Well, whew! That was a long post and I wil leave you with pics from today and the tiny amount of snow we got last night:

I am afraid this may be our last go at some snow this season. I hate that. Maybe I will be wrong. I sure do love a snow day! I just wish I wasn’t at work on a snow day! Oh well!

Have a great day everyone! And thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I know I know!

ok i has been almost a month since my last post. i know i should be ashamed! and i am, but i have been super busy. i have a new job! i am working for a retail based clinic that is inside of a grocery store as a family nurse practitioner. it is not at all my ideal job, but i am going to make myself like it. we'll see how it goes, but i am VERY grateful for the opportunity and the job itself!

i have lots to post about, but not a whole lot of time. so more soon!

here is something fun i found on this blog:

This is the One Word Challenge - answer the questions using only one word. Okay, here goes -

1.Where is your cell phone? Drawer

2. Your significant other? none

3. Your hair? ponytail

4.Your mother? friend

5.Your father? friend

6. Favorite thing? knitting

7.Dream last night? nope

8.Favorite drink? pepper

9.Your dream/goal? midwife

10.Room you're in? office

11.Your ex? none

12.Your fear? Fire

13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? midwife

14. Where were you last night? bed

15.What you're not? skinny

16.Muffins? blueberry

17.One of your wish list items? koigu

18.Where you grew up? nashville

19. The last thing you did? charting

20. What are you wearing? professional

21.Your TV? bedroom

22.Your pet? Alley!

23.Your computer? laptop

24.Your life? Busy

25.Your mood? reflective

26.Missing someone? always

27.Your car? malibu

28.Something you're not wearing? Make-up

29.Favorite store? crafts

30.Your summer? working

31.Like someone? sure

32.Your favorite color? blue

33.When is the last time you laughed? morning

34.Who will/would repost this? noone