Thursday, September 27, 2007

D is for Daisies (and Dogs)

Daisies...i LOVE daisies! they are my favorite flower. so happy! don't get me wrong i love all flowers but this is the best and please do not dye them! so often you find them dyed random unnatural colors and they serve a purpose but the white ones are my by far my favorite!

Again a defination from Happening reguarding daisies:

DAISY: The daisy is the Happening flower. The daisy is a free growing wild flower. It doesn’t seem to be a formal flower like the rose or orchid – it seems to be a happy, frivolous flower, as if God created it just for fun. We think of it as joyful, not serious. We note that the daisy openly shows its joy and beauty without wearing any masks. We also note that when the flower dies it spreads its seeds to create new life and we are reminded of Christ’s death and resurrection to new life. The daisy reminds us of 3 things: First, when we see a field of daisies, we are reminded that the flowers bloom together just like we have bloomed together in sharing Christ’s love at Happening. Second, we look at the flower with petals radiating from the golden center and think of ourselves radiating from the center of God’s grace. Third, we note that the daisy grows wherever God scatters the seeds and we are taught to “Bloom and Grow.”

There is even a Happening song about the daisy (I have the chords if anyone is interested):

May all of your dreams
Bloom like daisies in the sun.
May you always have
Stars in your eyes.
May you not stop running
Until the race is won.
May you always have blue skies.

D is also for Dogs!

i love dogs. i have only had one dog in my life. her name was Kelly. she was a pure bred Irish Setter. she was beautiful! (sorry no digital pics). my parents got her before i was born. evidently kelly was a worrier. mom and dad tell the story that when i was very little i would cry back in my bedroom and before they had gotten up to see what i wanted/needed kelly had already gone back towards my room. the trouble was that we had hard wood floors and she would nearly slide all the way there then come back to them and look at them like, "aren't you going to do anything. the baby is crying!" so funny.

after kelly died we kind of made an unintentional switch to cats. i love cats too but sometimes i wish we still had a dog. i want an animal that will go places with you. cats just aren't really into that! i want a weiner dog! they are so cute and have no idea how small they are! it cracks me up! i can't wait until i get a job and an apartment/house so i can get a dog!

look how cute that is. how could you resist?

Monday, September 24, 2007

FO: Finished Object!

I keep a running record of my finished objects and i was noticing as i was entering this one that it has been nearly 2 months since i had a finshed object! i can't believe that it has been that long. i keep thinking there is something i have forgotten. oh well. now about this fo. isn't it cute? this is a modfied booga bag. the base was about 40 stitches across and about 20 garter rows. then the sides did about 50 rows instead of the 64 the pattern called for. i bound off then went back and picked up the stitches for the flap. i knit the flap about 10 inches long, decreasing at the end. the yarn is bernat felting natural wool in the english rose colorway. i love the pink and brown! i found the button here. they have a great selection of buttons. i really like how this came out!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WIPs: Works in Progress

I thought we needed a little knitting content here at the ol'blog! i have been knitting, just not very quickly. i thought i would get a bunch more done on my multiple airplane trips last week, but i didn't get as much done as i had hoped.

This is my Koigu shawl that i just dearly love. this is pre-trips. it is som what bigger now. i am not seeing as much change now that there are so many stitches on the needles! i wish i had measured then to compare to now to see exactly how much progress i have made! oh well.

this is yet another booga bag. i found this yarn in DE while there with my family. i love yarn shopping there because there is no tax! they don't pay sales tax! it sure beats tennessee's nearly 10%!!! ok this is a new yarn to me...bernat felting natural wool. the colorway is called english rose. i love it! it is pink and brown! so great. this is a bulky weight so i am not sure why i decided to double it, but i did. it is super super bulky now, and may even be too bulky. not sure how it is going to felt. i guess we'll see. i'll keep you posted!

i am looking to start another prayer shawl for a good friend of mine whose father and mother are both very ill. for her there would be no other options but purple! i have decided to work lenghtwise and change yarns after each row leaving yarn for abulit in fringe. i think it will be quite pretty. i can't wait to see what purple yarns i can find! i am always up for a yarn search!

Stitch Marker Exchange: SENT!!!

This fall i decided to participate in the Stitch Marker Exchange. I took some time and really researched my partners, reading their blogs to figure out what colors and stuff they like. It was a lot of fun! Each one of them was so different, and one of them was from The Netherlands! so fun! I sent them on their way today, but i managed to take a few pics before i packed them this afternoon. I am convinced that stitch markers are just really hard to photograph. if anyone has any tips i would love to have them. here is what i sent:

these are lavender with small green beads. hanging is some little charms that say things like "peace" and "dream."

these are round red beads with black accent beads. hanging from these are crosses and charms that say "believe."

these are clay-like with balls of pink yarn with green needles, accented with pink and blue beads. these are super cute and my favorites of all that i did. this was so fun. i hope that these are well liked! i can't wait to get some myself! i will be doing this again!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

C is for Caritas

First i should define what caritas is:

CARITAS is the Latin word most directly translated as “charity” in English. “And now abideth faith, hope, CHARITY, these three, but the greatest of these is charity.” (1 Corinthians 13:13). Caritas and charity can also be translated as LOVE. The kind of love that expresses itself in giving. In Happening, this loving gift may take the form of sacrifice, prayer, a letter expressing Christian love, of a gift given in Christ’s name.

Caritas has long been a big part of my life. it takes on physical and non-physical forms. At happening it comes in the form of small gifts and letters that are provided by the staff to each other and the happeners. after 9 years of being involved with happening i am guessing that i have made thousands of peices of caritas! it also comes in the form of the sacrifices we make for the weekend to go on, such as a lack of sleep, missing school/work, and lots of time spent working on related things. Prayer is also a form of caritas especially when praying for other people.

these are caritas bags full and ready to be distributed at happening!

Caritas is not just something that happens at happening. it happens all around us. Christ died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. this is the ultimate caritas. it also comes in the forms of phone calls during a time of need, friends, an unexpected email, the laughter shared among friends, the love of a family, and church. i like to think that i can pass along caritas everyday in all the little things that go on in day-to-day life. Just think of where you can pass on caritas to those that you meet everyday!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

B is for Butterflies

ok this is another one of my obsessions. it all started because of happening, which is a youth retreat weekend that i have been involved with for 9 years now and am now one of the directors. it is one of the symbols of Happening, and has long been a symbol of Christ’s coming forth from the tomb. i think of the butterfly awakening from his earth-bound cocoon to the freedom of flight. the butterfly suggest that stages of human growth….larva suggesting early childhood; Chrysalis - teenagers before they break out to the adult world. finally, the butterfly symbolizes our beauty and freedom as our spirits soar in the joy of Christ’s love. the beauty and grace of a butterfly is why i love to have them around me.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A is for abundance!

a.k.a "The Stash"

Hi my name is Lindsey and I have a yarn problem. I love yarn. I love the way it feels, the way it smells. I adore staring at all the beautiful colors that it comes in. Thinking of all the potential projects. Yarn is a beautiful thing! Here are some pictures of my yarn abundance:

This is my abundance of Sugar n'Cream. This all started with the entrance of the Mason Dixon book into my life. Thanks Ann and Kay!

Above is the over abundance of caron simply soft. i still have plans on doing a log cabin blanket or ripple blanket with the brites in the picture to the left. one day. i love the fact that the yarns in the abundance have a purpose...for the most part!!

above is the abundance all spread out on the floor prior to going through it.

here it is again but this time it is all neatly put in its proper ziplock bag. where would the ziplock people be today without knitters?
p.s. A is also for airports which is where i started this post! more on that later!