Saturday, August 25, 2007

A to Z of ME!!

Ok I have made a command decision. I can't believe I am going to say this, but....I think it is finally too hot to knit. Day after day of 100+ heat is just too much for me. I can't even think of what it would be like to be working with wool right now, and that is exactly what I have on the needles. I am working on a beautiful Koigu shawl that I just dearly love but I can't bear myself to work on in this heat. So since the progress on that is going to be slow I have decided to do something kind of fun with the blog. I was browsing a friend's blog and noticed that she was going to be working on the "Encyclopedia of Me," and I loved the idea. It will be all about me and my knitting habit! I think it will be a lot of fun. I will post "A is for..." and so on. I hope this will really inspire my blogging. So come back soon and often and learn a little more about ME!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I am finally on RAVELRY!!!!!!!!

I am just sooo excited to be a part of Ravelry!! It is so great! if you are on please add me as a friend. my username is lindy719. i can't wait to really get into it. maybe next week!

ok back to reality. the job hunt is going. i never dreamed how stressful it would be. so far i have never heard from the missouri job. no sweat...i really wasn't interested anyway. I am currently talking to practices in maryland, florida, and atlanta. location wise i am hoping for the atlanta job but we'll see. i go there on monday so we'll see! say a prayer that it goes well!

i have some finished objects to show off.

Yes, another scarf! i love working on them. i finally decided that i will be sending the completed scarves to Blue Monarch, which is a domestic violence shelter in Sewanee, Tennessee. i will be sending them once the weather cools off (we broke a temperature record today at 105!). so unitl then i will keep plugging along with them! This one is made out of JoAnn's Sensations Angel Hair in light green and Bernat Boa Yarn in Mocking Bird. it turned out really pretty. i might try this one again. i just love that angel hair! it is so soft!

next up is another baby hat. so cute, but i am tired of this yarn. it is Red Heart Baby Soft. i hate it. i am becoming more and more of a yarn snob. i really want this yummy cashmere at Angel Hair. one of the owners had it monday at knitting. i need to go over there and ask her what yarn it is. it was totally yummy and you can get about 2 hats out of one ball. it is probably out of my price range but i can at least go fondle it! haha!

this is a felted purse that will be going to the East Tennessee State University Welsey Foundation auction. it is made out of cascade 220 and some blue and gold sparkly fun fur. it is funny. i had the same amount of yarn that i always do AND i started with a base that i had already completed, yet i still ran out of yarn before i had planned. i was really concerned as i was finishing the project, but i think it turned out well! i really like the squatty size. it is really cute. i hope it brings big money! i'll update after the auction in september.

last up is another baby blanket with a crochet edge. this one is for a friend of my mom who just had her first grandbaby...a boy. i can't remember his name.

check out my friend's Diamond Fantasy Shawl! it is just beautiful! way to go girlie!

headed to chattanooga tomorrow and then on to atlanta on sunday. more to come!