Saturday, July 21, 2007

I really need to get better at posting more often...

because there is just so much to cover when i wait so long between posts. well let's do this in chronological order since the last post. the week following the last post i finished my last clinical rotation!!!!! woo hoo!!! so technically i am finished for good but i do have some paper work kind of stuff to finish up. :( oh well it shouldn't be too bad. official finishing day is august 5th! i can't wait!
so i took that next weekend off in celebration of finishing. that brings us to this week. monday one of my closest friends and i took off for Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. i had a job interview there monday, tuesday, and wednesday of this week.

this is the bed and breakfast that they put us up in. it was super nice with a pool and hot tub. it was my first time at a bed and breakfast and i was completely pleased. we were the only ones there so it was even nicer especially at the pool!

this is the hospital that i would be working at. it is really small but then again so is the town. there is a population of only 5,000 in the town and 15,000 in the county that the hospital serves. there are only 12 physicians in this little town and only one OB whom i would be working with. she seems super nice. i think all went pretty well and am looking forward to hearing from them probably next week. wednesday afternoon i got done with meetings about noon and we drove up to st. louis. what a great city. i had only been there once driving through so it was a real treat to get to stop and look around. we headed straight to the arch.

my friend had been up before but i had not! it was so cool! those little cabins they put you in to take you up are horribly small. thankfully it is only a 4 minute trip up so there isn't too much time to get too freaked out! haha! we went ahead and drove back that night.

thursday was my birthday!!! i love my birthday. after breakfast and present opening mom and i took off to murfreesboro to the yarn shop there: The Knaughty Knitter. it was a great little shop! this is the only shop in town that carries spinning stuff. i am really interested in doing a little spinning so i bought a drop spindle, some beautiful roving, and a new book:

after the shop, we had lunch there on the town square which was just a great addition to a little girls day out. on the way home we stopped at the Oasis Butterfly House at Blooms Nursery. this little hideaway is very close to the house but we just never had stopped. it is a greenhouse that the owner has turned into a butterfly house! so awesome! i just LOVE butterflies. there are also tons of turtles, fish, and birds in this house. it is not too big but a great find! our next stop was one of our more local yarn stores: The Haus of Yarn, where they lived up to their snotty reputation as usual! i did score some Crystal Palace cotton chenille on sale for 50% off and a great lace pattern:

i got the cotton chenille to make the flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. it was also in an old issue of interweave knits but i can't seem to figure out which issue. i think they will be super cute in these colors (especially for 50% off!). After this we went to the beadshop across the street...thank goodness i didn't find anything there that needed to come home with me! we went back home, ate cake, and made dinner. my grandmother's sausage pie. it is soooo good. you take a regular pie crust and cook it first in the oven while you are mixing up the ingredients. the other ingredients include: breakfast sausage, spinach, mozzerlla, montery jack, cottage cheese, and garlic. how can you go wrong?? so you mix all that stuff up and put it in the crust and pop it back in the oven for about 30 min. holy cow....that is good eating! we made a salad with it. dad had a ball game that night which we went to, but unfortunatly he lost. :( oh well. that was the last game for the season and they came in 3rd in the league.

mom and dad went crazy for my birthday! i got a huge stack of books and a pink i-pod nano! here is the stack of books:

it is a great selection! so excited! i have totally enjoyed going through them! now to find a place for them on the already over full shelf!

whew...that was a lot! hope all is well with everyone and everyone is staying cool!

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