Friday, October 12, 2007

Odds and Ends

this post is going to be filled with the odds and ends things that have been going on. the first is the stitch marker exchange that i joined earlier in the summer. i signed up for 3 swap partners. i sen tmy markers nearly a month ago now, but i just recieved my first set today! they are so pretty! i am so sorry about the picture quality...i just can't seem to photograph stitch markers well at all. if anyone has any tips i could use them! these are from laura (i can't seem to find her blog link on the website!). laura if you are reading this...thank you! ok so the small little balls...i have an explaination. i promsie. here it is. on the stitch marker exchange someone made stitch markers out of small felted balls. check them out here. i think they are just super cute! i just had to make them! i also think that they would be super cute as earrings. i am thinking about making them tomorrow! i will show pics for sure if i get to that! there is a tutorial that i found about making them: here. i may have to make them smaller next time. they may be a bit big for earrings, but i am going to try!
below is a baby hat. the yarn is encore colorspun worsted. i can't believe how it knitted up with all that pooling. i kind of like it and i kind of don't. it is a little bigger than i would have liked it to have been, but babies grow right? i did the top like the umbilical cord hat from the stitch 'n bitch book by debbie cute.

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