Monday, November 05, 2007

E is for East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) is where i did my undergraduate studies. i absolutely LOVE this place. it is located in Johnson City, TN which for all you non-tennessee folks is in the eastern corner of tennessee, near virginia and north carolina. you can imagine how beautiful it is there especially this time of year! here is a pic from one of the local parks close to the campus:

let's take a trip down memory lane (in pictures):

This is Lamb Hall. It is the nursing building. all of the nursing labs were in this buliding along with multiple classrooms and computer rooms.

Here is the dorm i spent my first year in: Lucille Clement. I got a random roommate that year who i still talk to quite frequently! she is very fun! i was even in her wedding! it was the big talk of campus the third year i was there because they made this dorm "co-ed" and on the "girls'" side of campus and all!

This is the dorm i lived in the second and third years i was at ETSU. this was my favorite. these were like really small apartments complete with an oven and our own bathroom! i lived here with my first roommate for the second year, and the third year i had another roommate who was a very good friend of mine at the beginning of the year....but not at the end of that year! loooong story!

This is the library, where i really didn't spend all that much time! on the side of the building is a room they called "Late Night Study." in this room there were lots of tables, vending machines, and a copier. we spent a lot of time in there studying in big groups. it was open really late which was nice.

Here is the mini-dome which enclosed our football field and was where the basketball team played. i think it was my third year that they took away our football team. i have to say that never once during my time there did i attend a sports game. i just didn't get into it! but i did have my physicial education classes in there!

This is my favorite place on campus...the Wesley Foundation. i spent LOTS of time here as well as met wonderful friends as a result of my time there. i absolutely love this place and miss it like crazy! by the way this is the United Methodist on campus ministry! i could go on and on but i won't! i will controll myself.

Here i am at graduation! after 4 long years i made it! i am the third one from the left.

i could go on and on but i won't!

i have in mind a long post with knitting content i promise! i am still waiting to hear about a job and will keep everyone posted about that.


Cindy said...

I love how green everything looks!

Tara said...

I love the new blog layout! The green is so much better than the black! Good job!