Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Results are in...

8 items entered into the fair and 8 ribbons won!

i am soooo excited! i won 8 ribbons at the tennessee state fair! 3 first (blue), 2 second (red), and 3 third (white). here is the what i took and what won what:

taking first place ribbons was a crocheted baby blanket that looks like ice cream to me. it is pink, cream, and white! yummmy!

next, another blue ribbon is a little crocheted baby hat in the shape of a hershey's kiss!

my last blue ribbon was for a knitted dishcloth that i had done. it was kinda neat with a little lacy pattern. it was part of the dishcloth-a-month group on yahoo.
taking second in this same picture is a pair of my clogs! these are a pair of the fiber trends felted clogs that i made during christmas last year.

the other second went to my first garment which was that little blue baby cardigan. the little purple one took third place.

another white ribbon was given to my little knitted baby hat with the daisy on top! cute!

last but certainly not least one the the prayer shawls that my group worked on together took third place.

i was just so unsure how this was all going to happen, being my first time to enter, but it was an easy process and a lot of fun. the waiting was hard but it was so worth it! having said that there wasn't near as much hand work this year entered in the fair including quilts, crochet, and knitting! so next year i am going to push everyone that lives in this area to think about entering something! it will be fun.

in other news. two weekends ago was happening. the lutheran event that i take part in twice a year as the director. each time i try to make 4 prayer shawls for 4 special kids on staff. this time i made 2 and one of the lovely ladies at church made the other two. i made the 2 shawls in the middle!

that's about it for now! i have one more box to send out to my swap partner! which i hope to do maybe monday. more soon! i promise not to be such a stranger!


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That's certainly excellent news about all your wonderful fair entries!! Congratulations..well done :)