Tuesday, December 25, 2007


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! i hope that this Christmas day finds you and your family in good spirits. please enjoy this beautiful day that God has gifted us with. here is another knitting carol for you:

Have Yourself A Very Knitted Christmas

Have yourself a very knitted Christmas.
Let your scarves be bright
From now on your AMEX
Should be out of sight.

Have yourself a very knitted Christmas,
Manos, Noro, Bliss.
Tell them all
You only want more yarn for gifts.

There you are on the Internet,
with your credit card in hand,
Buying yarn is equivalent
To the desert needing sand.

Through the years
your stash will keep on growing
and you’ll never stop -
Tell the IRS
you own your own yarn shop!
And have yourself
A very knitted Christmas now.

i did finally figure out where all the knitting carols came from: Knit and Plenty. here is the link: http://www.knitandplenty.typepad.com/

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Marie & Dennis said...

Thanks. I love the knitting songs. It was so good to see you a bit ago. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Marie