Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa Baby

well as Christmas quickly approaches i DO have my knitting completed! i am so happy to report that! well...i have the knitting done that has to be done for tuesday! there is one more pair of Fiber Trends Felted Clogs to do but i won't see that person until later in January! that gives me a little time! last Christmas (pre-blog) i ran across someone who had posted all these fun knitting themed christmas carols. i couldn't resist. i saved them and will share them with you here! up first is one of my favorites...Santa Baby:

Santa Baby
Santa Baby,
Just slip some cashmere under the tree
For me
I’ve Been an knitting fool
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa baby, a skein or 2 of alpaca will do
Light blue
I'll wait up for you with needles in hand
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Think of all the knitting I will miss
Think of all the yarn sales I haven’t hit
Next year I will knit oh so good
If you'll check off my Christmas yarn list

Santa Baby, I really want some SoySilk yarn
knits like a charm
Been an knittin’ angel all year
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa honey, one little thing I really do need
stix with speed
platinum ones will do
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa cutie, and fill my stocking with some sock yarn
I’ll darn
Don’t forget circulars, dear
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight

Come and trim my Christmas tree
With some knitted decorations from KPixie
I really would knit for you
Lets see if you would wear my naughty knits, too

Santa Baby, forgot to mention one little thing
Knit Kit
I don't mean from Joann Fabrics
Santa Baby, Knit & Plenty has em' for me
Hurry down the chimney tonight

Attention: i am not taking any credit for these and if i could remember where i found them i would post that as well. if anyone know who wrote these or where they came from please let me know so i can give credit to where credit is due! thanks!

check back...i will be posting carols until christmas!

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hakucho said...

That's new to me ...knitting related Christmas carols...thanks for sharing :)

Merry Christmas !!