Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

here we are...it is 2008! this is going to be a great year and i am really looking forward to all the knitting!

2007 in review: well, as 2007 began i started the family nurse practitioner portion of my program which took me to a wonderful faith based clinic here in nashville and a small office in white house for clinicals. i finished the program in august and began a long (and still on-going) job hunt which has taken me to Missouri, Texas, Georgia, and Maryland. on the knitting front i was very prolific. here are the stats:

felted bags: 6
baby bib: 1
cotton flannel baby blanket with crochet edgings: 8
knitted baby hats: 6
prayer shawls: 6
felted bowl: 1
crochet baby hats: 2
dishcloths: 3
scarves: 19
felted clogs: 6
crochet cross: 1
pair of socks: 1/2
total completed projects: 59.5

isn't that incredible! 59.5 completed projects!

i have more about the new year to share but i forgot to take pics when it was pretty out side. you'll have to wait till tomorrow!

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hakucho said...

Your finished items list is quite impressive! I know I'm looking forward to my 2008 knitting. Not sure what I'm going to knit yet, but I am looking forward to lots of good (and happy I hope) knitting!

Happy New Year :)