Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Bath

i just can't resist posting about this! warning: this post will not contain any knitting content! tonight was saturday bath night here at the homestead...for the cat! her name is alley in case i have not mentioned that before. yes, i know...alley cat...haha! ok so alley has what is called miliary dermatitis. she has had this condition for a long time. most likely it is due to fleas which is weird because she doesn't go outside and we no longer have an inside/outside cat. it makes her feel really bad. she throws up a lot and just over all looks pathetic, but this week it just seemed to peak. i took her to her vet's office for her steroid shot and the vet suggested giving her a bath to rid her of the offending fleas. so tonight it was bath night! i love pics of wet kitties!

this is the before the bath picture. still dry here!

here we are getting our belly cleaned!

i turned the shower on so that i could get her good and rinsed off. she was really pissed by this point! look how wet! so cute!

this is right after i got her rinsed off. she is hanging on to my shoulder. now i am soaked as well! oh well!

all done! mom and i towel dried her then used the hair dryer to get her nice and fluffy! it didn't stop her from doing her own drying. in fact now, 2 hours later she is still licking to get all "dry"! she is so ocd!

this was actually really fun, but i am not sure she would agree! knitting content coming soon, i promise!


LaPartera said...

Is Alley declawed? there is no way my cat would allow this. I would be in shreds!

hakucho said...

She looks like she's a very cooperative kitty. Most cats won't let you bathe them. My sister though always bathes her cats. She's been doing it since they were kittens. It's how you get them used to the water, I guess :)