Saturday, March 08, 2008

FO but no pics...yet!

i have exciting news! i finished my first garment this week! i can't believe it! it is a baby sweater and i used stash yarn! i know everyone is proud...haha! well, it lacks one button and that special button has not been chosen yet. i am hoping to make it over to jo-anns on my way home from work tonight to pick something out. i can't wait to show it off. i will take pics tomorrow! maybe there will be enough snow left over to get some cute ones in the snow.

so i only needed a little help with the sweater, and it makes me mad. i got the whole thing done...attached the sleeves, everythingand got to the yoke and just couldn't figure it out. i went to my closest local yarn shop to beg for help (begging because i didn't buy the yarn or the pattern there). one of the shop owners has been coming to the monthly knitting meeting at the library so she has gotten to know me and graciously said she would help me. she knew what was wrong before i even explained what was going on. you see, i guess i had never had to yo when going from a kint to a purl stitch. well when doing this you have to wrap the yarn twice. here is a better explaination from here:

Single Yarn Over Going from Knitting to Purling

When you're knitting along and come to a spot where a YO is to be inserted, and the next stitch is a purl, you bring the yarn to the front of the work between the needle points as before, then wrap it over the needle once more to make the hole. Sort of a combination technique.

i just couldn't figure this out on my own. i knew i was doing somethng wrong but i had no idea how to fix it. she said this was something they see in the store a lot. that made me feel a bit better. i really wanted to finish the sweater without any help just to prove that i could do it but oh well. at least i did it and i am itching to start another!

i promise to post pics tomorrow! it is so cute!

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Tara said...

Congrats on your first garment! I can't wait to see it!