Thursday, March 27, 2008

So excited!

i am so excited i almost can't stand it! it is so hard sitting here at work thinking about this weekend. tomorrow begins what i hope will be a wonderful weekend! friday morning i am going to run and work out early then a friend of mine from church is coming to get me to go to something called Threadfest. there is an article about it here. i can't wait to see what we will discover there. could be great could be nothing but it will be fun! then i am going to get out of town no later than noon and head to Johnson City to meet up with 2 of my most favorite people in the whole world (both blogless). almost immediately after getting into town we are going to a carrie underwood concert at my old college! cheap tickets and good friends will make for tons of fun! after that there will most likely be some food intake and probably some shopping. satrday morning i am going to get up and go work out then we are going to shop and prepare for a surprise party for another friend we are throwing that evening. it is one of our now famous flamingo parties! so fun! cake baking and decorating will commence. after everything is put together we are headed to starbucks to chill and take some time to catch up. dinner will be at our old standard: Cheddars for some spinach dip and other wonderful foods! yum! my mouth is watering just thinking about it! after dinner the surprise party will commence! who knows what all will go on...good times. sunday i will get up and go to my favorite church in the world then hit the road. my knitting group meets sunday at 5pm so i am hoping to make it back for that! it is going to be a great weekend! pictures to come when i get back!

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hakucho said...

Have a wonderful time! Sounds like fun :)