Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beware: Knitting Content Ahead!!

i know...finally, right? it is about time i had some knitting content to show off! before i get to that i must tell you of the Yarn Harlot's visit to Nashvegas! i can't tell you how excited i was to get a chance to see person! she came a couple of years ago during a book tour but at that point i really wasn't reading her blog much and didn't make the effort to see her then. now i totally regret that but thank goodness the wonder publisist got us back on the tour for this year! yeah! so she came on a wednesday to Borders in Brentwood. i left work early and met Learning from Chavah at the McAlister's nest door for some dinner then we went over to Borders. we were there super early to make sure we got good/decent seats. the store cliamed they were expecting 200+ people! because of this they asked that we come early and buy the book and get a numbered ticket for the book signing. this ticket did not guarantee you a seat but it did guarantee that you would get your book signed. so i very sweetly asked dad to stop by early and get us the books and tickets. he very graciously did and we were tickets 31 and 32! so we sat and knitted as people gathered and chatted. then the big event...she was spotted coming it! we were all a twitter! she was in the building! right on time at 7:30 she came out! so exciting!

the podium as too high and she is much shorter than i had imagined!

she spoke for at least an hour. it was hilarious. i wish i had a great memory and could recall some of the funny things she said but i don't.

she signed all of the books of hers that i own! by the way they didn't even use the tickets! we were nearly the last people to have our books signed! arg! you will have to catch her in a city near you for yourself! so worth it! here is her recount of the event! look closely i made the blog!

The week after the Yarn Harlot's visit i started a sock class. the wonderful people of Threaded Bliss (a LYS) have agreed to host a beginning sock class just for me and 2 of the ladies from church! we have horrible schedules and they are working around our silly schedules! i am very grateful for this especially since normal classes are held on the weekends and i work every other! it is a four part class. this first class we worked on the cuff and the leg.

Leigh and Veronica at sock class!

i bought some wonderful Colinette Jitterbug in Jay. it is so pretty! we have another class on saturday and i am ready! i have 2 socks with the cuff and leg completed! ready to turn the heels, see:

i am still on my quest to destash but i am not doing a very good job of it at all! i did however make another baby cardigan out of some stash yarn! here it is:


Pattern: Reynolds Utopia #82260, Ruffled Cardigan
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Brites, color: Rose Violet
Needles: US 8s, 13 inch straights
Made for: I don't know yet, just wanted to make it
Timeline: it hs been about a month but i am not sure of the exact dates.

i really did not like this project. i learned a lot though which was really the point. i learned ruffles, 3 needle bind off, and some serious seaming. i am not happy at all with how the seaming came out but i am just going to deal with it. i might at some point do a similar type sweater again and take it to one of the LYS and see if they can show me more effectively how to seam! i also was unhappy with this yarn. i usually like caron simply soft but this time it has a halo like effect that i don't like. not a big fan of the color either! haha it sounds like i really hated this project, but i am really glad i did it ... i just won't be doing it again!

my UFO list has been growing lately so i am taking some time to finish some projects up. the first was that sweater! check that one off! next was getting both socks to the point to where they need to be for class on satruday! check that one off! next is finishing that yellow prayer shawl. here is the progress:

i quit working on it for a little while but am picking it up again to finish! i can't wait for this one to be off my mind and to it's recipient! hopefully i will get it to her by the time she graduates from high school next month! shouldn't be a problem!

there are more things on the UFO list but those are the only ones i am currently working on! hopefully i will get around to finishing more of them soon! i'll keep you posted!


hakucho said...

Lucky you....I'm jealous :)

Love the baby sweater with the ruffles! Very cute :)

Tara said...

Okay, I just had to comment on the yellow prayer shawl on the exam table - hilarious!! It looks like it's waiting for a pap smear! Ha Ha!

I love the baby sweater. I'm sorry that you aren't happy with it, but it's totally adorable. Great work!!