Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ok Ok I am totally behind on my blogging!

i hope that the very few readers i have will forgive me for my sporadic blogging. i really don't have any excuse either. just haven't gotten around to it. ok so that weekend was wonderful minus the carrie underwood concert. here is how it went down. a friend of mine got the tickets for us and the catch was we had to be with him (a current ETSU student) to get into the venue. so he called me at about 6:15 and said they were going to start letting people in and that we needed to get there. so we were there by 6:30 when they did start letting people in. so we found some seats on the front row of the balcony level. we waited and waited and waited. people were getting so bored that someone started the wave! it was hilarious! so then we waited some more and finally at 8:00 the opening band started. they were aawful! i don't even know their name but i remember that they were from Jackson, Tennessee. they played way more songs than were necessary. after they went off i thought ok they will fix the stage then she will come out...umm not until 9:00!!! i was so over it by this time. we didn't even stay to hear her whole set. she had a horrid outfit on (knee high boots and a tied shirt). at one point she started talking about how the tabliods are always discussing her love life and she said that she was going to tell us her one true love...HER DAMN DOG!! too boot she then sang a love song to her dog! that is when thought it was a good time to get out of there! there are no pictures becuase they said it was per the request of the artist. boo carrie. the only funny part of the evening was when one of my friend's (erin) lost her flip flop over the balcony! it was hilarious! then we couldn't get anyone's attention below to throw it up to us because this happened right as carrie came out. finally my other friend tried to go down there and get it but they thought she was just trying to get on the floor. at one point the fire marshall came by and saw the shoe on the ground, looked up, and realized that it was one of ours and threw it to us! so funny! afterwards we went and got pizza and crashed.

saturday morning i got up and ran to curves and stopped at walmart to pick up some supplies for our PINK FLAMINGO PARTY that was to be that night. see there are 4 of us good friends that a few years ago decided to throw a party for one of our members for her december graduation. we couldn't find any traditional graduation party supplies so we decided on flamingos! they have kind of become our little mascot for our group. we decided the throw a surprise flamingo party for one of the girls that just got engaged (christy). we started out at starbucks just to hang out for a while then moved the party to our favorite resturant: Cheddars for dinner. after we ate, erin and i sped back to the house to light candles and start the music before elizabeth and christy came back. elizabeth distracted christy with fake diarrhea. so funny! so here is our flamingo party in pics!

this was the table scape...it looks like someone vomited pepto bismal everywhere! so great!

this is floyd. he is our mascot. floyd has an attitude all his own but he likes being the center of attention when we have our parties. he lives with erin the rest of the time.

this is christy as she first sees the party and realizes that it is a surprise for her! so fun!

here is chirsty in all of her flamingo garb. pink shirt with i heart pink flamingos on the front and engaged on the back! very cute. she also had a tiara with a flamingo on it, a flamingo bag, and pink boa!

this was the pink strawberry cake we made. elizabeth tried to make a ring in white icing but well you can see it! we also made strawberry daqaris to go with our pink theme.

here is erin!

this is elizabeth and i! aren't we cute?

well it was a ton of fun as you can see! sunday i went to church at one of my favorite churches...cherokee united methodist! it was good to surprise everyone and see them all! i miss that church big time! i headed home after church and made it to knitting barely! more knitting next time. i have a couple of new ufos...i have had startitis lately!

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