Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ok so i have long been looking for a website to make these cool mosaics. isnt' it awesome. i was browsing the internet today and found this site: bighugelabs.com where you can make mosaics anyway you want! so great! you all get ready there will be plenty more mosaics on the way! what a great way to show you everything i am working on in one picture instead of a bunch of pictures! ok enough about that!!

the mosaic includes recently finished objects as well as works in progress. i will describe the pics from left to right, top to bottom.

picutre 1 on the top row is a baby hat i finished. it is my variation of the umbilical cord hat from one of the stitch n'bitch books. i love the stripy pink and brown. it is for a friend of mine from nursing school who is having her first baby this year, a girl, and is doing the room in pink and brown! i think she will love it! it is caron simply soft in the soft pink and bernat satin in mocha. there are tons left over of both for more baby hats!

middle and thrid pic, top row and first pic second row are tiny socks i made as a surprise for some friends of mine. more about that later when i get them completely finished!

in the very middle are my first pair of finished socks!!!! those are the colinette jitterbug socks i have been working on. they don't fit too well so they will become a present for my mom! she said she doesn't even want to walk in them because they are so pretty! oh mom!

last pic on the second row is one the many flannel blankets that i have with a crochet edge around it in brown. the crochet is done in a crochet cotton that i bought awhile ago when i seemed to be collecting these afghan! again for the friend having the baby girl!

last row: the first pic is the finished gift for the friend of mine. i found a great pink storage box for 5 bucks at TJ Maxx a few weeks back which works jsut great to hold everything. in it is the flannel baby blanket, the cute stripey hat, a brown bear, and a cute little book about baby girls. it turned out really cute and i am pleased.

the last 2 pics are WIPs. the pink one is a shawl for a friend of mine who lost her mother in december. she loves pink! i am about 2/3rds of the way done with it!
the yellow is a progress picture of the yellow scarf. i really like this project. i jsut need to work on it more and make some more headway on it! in time!

well that was so fun! more mosaics soon!

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Swap Pal said...

That is so cool! Gonna have to go check that out! And your projects are gorgeous!