Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Knitting Day!

well it has been another knitting day. the day started at 4:30am because dad had to be at the hospital at 5:30am! this is too early! i am a firm believer that no one should be up and out of bed before the sun rises! it is just wrong. ok that is besides the point. dad's surgery went really well! he is a trooper and did great! he is sleepy and a little sore but is doing well. drive through gallbladder surgery...we were home by 1pm.
i got a bit of kntting done while at the hospital. i am going to be knitting a a felted knitting bag for myself and i finished the handles while there. i hate working on that much i-cord, which is why i always do it first! i would never finish a purse if i put it off to the end.
i started working on another scarf just like the one day scarf from a couple of days ago. i had enough of the yarn leftover to make a second! it is so pretty. pictures to come when i am further along.
i also started this month's second dishcloth. i started it off all wrong and had to frog day one! oh well...only 9 rows! pics soon!
here is another dishcloth that i made for my mom. it is out of 100% linen twine. it was a little rough to work with but the product is really beautiful. please do not look too closely as there are a couple of mistakes! it was my first real attempt at lace. i even blocked it! i know it is a dishcloth but i wanted to see it all flattened out.

i think it really turned out well! i can't wait to try some more lace!

this is a close up of the pattern! sorry it is a little blurry.

i have also been frantically making stitch markers like i need them! pics tomorrow, i promise!
i can only hope that tomorrow is a beautiful of a day as today was! only 72 degrees with a breeze and only those huge fluffy white clouds in the blue sky! i LOVE days like this!


SwitchBlade said...

Nice work! I especially like the red & blue striped one a few posts below...looks cool!

hakucho said...

Isn't knitting a blessing when we have to wait? Glad the surgery went well!

Your lace cloth is beautiful in the linen twine...very nice.

happy knitting :)