Saturday, May 26, 2007

This week's FOs!

From the pictures it looks like it has been a very productive knitting week but in reality these are just quick projects, which seems to be just exactly what i needed! This first scarf is the twin to the one that i did last week. there was enough yarn for two! it has a bit different ribbon fringe but other than that they are exactly the same. This second scarf is made out of the same yarn as the other two...just in a different color called Hop. I still can't believe that it is Red Heart! i really like it. i would totally work with it again! and i will be since there is enough yarn to do one more like the one below.
This is a bad picture of the dishcloth below. It is the Mid-May dishcloth from the Monthly Dishcloth Along. It was another sort of lacy project. I did it out of Sugar n'Cream white that i had in the stash! All of the latest dishcloths have been for mom as part of her Mother's Day present but she is now saying that they are too pretty to use! Geez mom! Oh well!
Below is the blurry close-up of the dishcloth pattern! I took these pics outside hoping the color would be a bit better but it really didn't help. Sorry they are so dark!
Now for all you lovely people who have found me based on midwifery. I want to see if i can answer some of your questions. I am a Certified Nurse Midwife. I just got my licensure in February of this year. i have not graduated from school yet because i decided to get a double master's degree (i am glutton for punishment i think!). i am currently working on a Family Nurse Practitioner degree as well. i decided to do this all at once because i feel pretty sure that i am not going to want to go back to school. Since i am here and in the midst of school i am glad i did it this way because let me tell you, i will not be interested in going back to school any time soon! I will be finished in August if all goes well! So I am not practicing right now and in the market for a job. i am planning/hoping to find a job as a midwife. i did the FNP thing for a couple of reasons: 1. i feel that many times a midwife can be seen as a primary care provider and i don't think we were prepared for this during midwifery training. i wanted to know more about the common things seen in primary care. 2. one day i know that i am not going to want to take call all the time or maybe at all. the FNP allows me the opportunity to simply work in an office setting one day when i am tired of call!

so i started my last clinical rotation this week! it is in a private practice about 45 min from my house (that part is a big bummer with gas as high as it is!). it has only been a week so we'll see how it really goes next week. more on that later.

A friend of mine and i split an order or new beads a few weeks ago. they finally showed up and i have been beading like crazy! i have made tons of new earrings and stitch markers! i will try to post some pics either today or tomorrow! there is some really great stuff! so fun.

i hope that answers some of you all's questions!

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