Sunday, May 13, 2007

My First Post!

ok today is the day! i will finally begin posting on my blog. wow that is weird to say. i have been putting this off and putting this off...i am not entirely sure why! oh well. i set this page up months ago and just never began posting (sorry to anyone who has been here and found nothing!).

so for those of you who don't know should! haha! ok, a little about ME! i 23 year old graduate nursing student. i graduated from college in 2005 with a BS in nursing and went straight into graduate school where i am working to complete my second master's degree. the first one was a Certified Nurse Midwife (which is done and you can call me CNM!) and i am currently working on a Family Nurse Practitioner degree. let's just has been a long two years! i am suppose to graduate in August! then it is finally off into the real world!

what else do you need to know about me...

-i love cats and have one...Alley...i know...clever!

-this is important: I LOVE TO KNIT!!!

i learned to knit in high school. it was the cool thing to do...we knitted in class! even the guys knitted. it was loads of fun. there is still a kntting group there at the high school. they are very active and use their FOs to auction off and raise money for different causes. Read this about their auction last december. that is where this craziness began. i have always been facinated with yarn. when i was little i love to go and look in the yarn sections (my mom is a big crafter and we were always in a craft store). i absolutely love playing with the is just facinating.

-i taught myself to crochet!

-i found my first grey hair this week!

-i have a wonderful network of friends and family, spanning many states, from Delaware to Alabama to Texas and lots of places in between.

-i have recently taken up beading. i am in love with making earrings and stitch markers. you will see posts about this as well! i have been a busy bee this weekend! just'll see!

-i organized a prayer shawl ministry group at my hometown church. it is a fun group and we have been wonderfully productive.

ok enough about me. onto the knitting:
These are the latest FO!

This is a crocheted ripple prayer shawl for a friend of mine from church who recently decided to spend about 7 months in Germany with her husband because she can! You go girl! i hope to get it in the mail next has to be blessed first!

this is a prayer shawl that started out as a baby blanket. i was not liking the colors i chose and knew i couldn't go on so i stopped it and did a light green crochet edge and am calling it a baby boy prayer shawl. we have had requests for them so hopefully this will come in handy!

i recently joined the Monthly Dishcloth Along and this was my first with this group. it was a little was suppose to be daffodils. hmmm...hopefully the mid month one will be better.

ok in the future i promsie the posts will not be this long. Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there (especially mine)!

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Aggiebeth said...

Hey Lindsey - I don't even know what a blog is, but I sure enjoyed reading what you had posted. You'll have to tell me what a KO is. I'm so ignorant in this subject. Since you taught me to knit last summer, I haven't finished the prayer shawl I started. Just can't seem to find the time to sit and knit. It's been a really hectic year at school. -- Beth