Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WIPs: Works in Progress

I thought we needed a little knitting content here at the ol'blog! i have been knitting, just not very quickly. i thought i would get a bunch more done on my multiple airplane trips last week, but i didn't get as much done as i had hoped.

This is my Koigu shawl that i just dearly love. this is pre-trips. it is som what bigger now. i am not seeing as much change now that there are so many stitches on the needles! i wish i had measured then to compare to now to see exactly how much progress i have made! oh well.

this is yet another booga bag. i found this yarn in DE while there with my family. i love yarn shopping there because there is no tax! they don't pay sales tax! it sure beats tennessee's nearly 10%!!! ok this is a new yarn to me...bernat felting natural wool. the colorway is called english rose. i love it! it is pink and brown! so great. this is a bulky weight so i am not sure why i decided to double it, but i did. it is super super bulky now, and may even be too bulky. not sure how it is going to felt. i guess we'll see. i'll keep you posted!

i am looking to start another prayer shawl for a good friend of mine whose father and mother are both very ill. for her there would be no other options but purple! i have decided to work lenghtwise and change yarns after each row leaving yarn for abulit in fringe. i think it will be quite pretty. i can't wait to see what purple yarns i can find! i am always up for a yarn search!

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