Tuesday, May 13, 2008

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

...because, I GRADUATED!!! Friday was the official Vanderbilt graduation. This famed event only occurs once a year, which means that even though i finished (and recieved my diploma) in August of 2007 this was the first actual graudation ceremony. i really had not planned on going but mom graduated with me so she thought it would be fun for us to walk together. i have to say we had a good time. first thing that happens is the big, entire school ceremony in which they confer the degrees, then they send the graduate and doctoral schools off to their own hooding cermonies. ours was very nice and there was a reception afterwards. i cannot believe how few people came. out of 5 of us in my speciality there were only 2 of us there. it was fun, but i am so glad it is over! here are a few pics.

Mom and I before the cermony! aren't we cute in our little outfits!

at the big university-wide graduation

my master's hood! (look how curly my hair is!)

there has been some knitting but not much noticible progress. my aunt that is here for graduation is a knitter and working on her first baby sweater. she and i went to knit at the downtown library with a group yesterday then hit 2 of the LYS. we had a great time! i think we may hit one more store tomorrow. we'll see. i want to show you all her baby sweater progress pics next time! so fun!

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hakucho said...

Congratulations to both of you :)
That is so awesome that you got to graduate together...not many mothers and daughters can say that :)
Best Wishes to you both!