Saturday, May 17, 2008


only one exciting thing to report from the knitting front: one sock is complete!

but the bigger news is that it doesn't fit me. i mean it fits..i can get it on but it is stretched too much, but it fits mom! she loves it! who wouldn't? it is made from a beautiful skein of colinette jitterbug! yum! oh well. she will enjoy them although she said that she didn't think she wanted to walk on them! silly mom! i still have the other one to complete. i am decreasing on the gussett right now so i only have that, the foot, and the toe to complete. since the disappointment of the first one not fitting i am not in a huge hurry to finish that second one. this puts me in a bad place because i feel like i should be finishing that sock, so i feel gulity working on anything else. because of this i haven't worked on anything at all in 2 days. i have to finish that is making me nuts! hopefully next time...a finished PAIR of socks!


hakucho said...

Lovely socks...and your Mom lucked out :)

Anna said...

I am sure her other toes are cold. You must finish the other sock! :)