Wednesday, May 07, 2008

On the Needles

well i have startitis again! i have too many projects on the needles right now and the urge to start just one more shawl! somebody stop me! ok so here is the list:

first up are the Sock Class Socks which are coming along slower than i had hoped. our next class isn't until the 15th but i haven't even touched my second sock! why is it that the first part of the sock seemed to go so fast and this part has felt like forever?!? i don't understand!

next up is a yellow scarf. there is one of my happening kids that has been begging me for a yellow scarf so i finally started it. it is Mirasol Cotanani ( 60% Pima Cotton, 40% Merino Wool ) and feels wonderful! i am just doing a simple 3x3 rib. i really like how it is coming out!

this is a pink prayer shawl for a friend of mine from college. we were very close friends and roomed together for a year which was the downfall of our friendship. we had a falling out and stopped talking. she and i have been sending snail mail letters recently trying to piece back our friendship. in this process i found out that she lost her mother to colorectal cancer in december of 2007. they were very close so i know this is hard on her. i know how much she loves pink so i am making this for her. i can't begin to know what she has gone through these last few months.

last is another prayer shawl that i don't actaully have on the needles yet. all the yarn has been wound and is ready to go. this one i am doing with some friends. we will pass it amongst us and each knit on it a bit! lots of fun that way and i don't have to do the whole thing!

unfortunantely these are not the only things on the needles right now it is just my most recent additions. i also have 2 blankets and a shawl on the needles. urg! it kinda makes me mad at myself but i think i have knitting add because i love to switch between multiple projects! oh well! we'll see what i get finished first! i'll keep you all posted!

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Nyxxie said...

I can relate to having a lot on the needles although I am trying to finish things that I have on the needles before starting to many new things. For example I pulled out a sweater that was on the needles for 2 years and I am under 2 rows from being finished!! Tonight I should be done!!!

Your socks look great by the way. Where are you taking the class and what yarn are you using? The 2nd one always seems to take a lot longer!!