Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finished Objects and a PARTY!!!

Ok well first things first. i have a finished object! it is a prayer shawl made the long way creating the fringe as i go! i love these! this one is for my second college roommate who lost her mother to colon cancer last december. she and i got into a fight during my senior year there at ETSU and really have not spoken since then. then about january i got a letter from her randomly and we have been doing the snail mail thing since then. it was in her last letter that she told me about her mom. i got to work on the shawl immediately. it is pink because that was her favorite color in college and i hope it still is! i hope she likes it. i am glad it is done!

so the party you ask? well the prayer shawl ministry that i started in my home congregation has turned 2 years old! i can't believe it has been 2 years since i got that going. in that 2 years we have been on tv, featured in our united methodist district newsletter, and have bless and distributed well over 200 shawls. i lost count long ago but at that point we were either near or just slightly over 200! i am so proud of our little group. there are only about 5-6 of us who knit regularly so those numbers are quite an accomplishment! to commemmorate the event i had a cake decorated and we basically sat around talking with each other and the few congregational memebers who showed up to show us some support (and to eat cake!).

on this theme i am also pleased to make a big announcement for our group. we have invited the 2 co-founders of the prayer shawl ministry to come to our church and present their workshop and they have agreed to come! i am so excited! they also have a book coming out in september and will have a book signing at the event! about the only thing we have down on paper at this point is the date: october 18th!! those of you in the nashville area please consider coming to this event! it is going to be a lot of fun! i will post more details as they start to work themselves out!

it looks like the question of the week has not been posted yet, so i will be back later in the week!


Lisa W. said...

beautiful prayer shawl and congrats on 2 years of good works. how thoughtful of you to make this for your old roommate...despite the differences of opinion and all, i know she will be very moved. well done on getting the founders to do a little talk and all.

hakucho said...

Your latest prayer shaw is stunning! Very beautiful.

Wish I lived closer or I'd be there for your event. They are very nice to come and give a talk.

happy knitting and congrats on your prayer shawl ministry's 2nd anniversary :)